Refund & exchange Policy

When you place an order with us, then subject to your rights to cancel, exchange, or return the items, so we work with (NO EXCHANGE NO RETURN POLICY). you are committed to buying the items described in that Order, at the price indicated excluding any delivery fees, cash handling fees, taxes, and duties where applicable. Items in your Platform basket are not reserved until your Order is paid for.

The Platform (or our Platform Call Centre) may contain or provide information regarding the availability of merchandise. This information can be used to estimate the likelihood that an item will be available immediately upon Order placement.

We cannot guarantee that an item stated to be available will be available right away, as inventory can change significantly throughout the day. In rare cases, a product may be available when you place an Order but sold out by the time we process the Order. Should this happen, we will notify you and will return your full amount within a few days of receiving it. Receipt of your Order will be acknowledged by email. However, the Order is only confirmed when you receive a notification from us confirming the dispatch of the relevant item(s). No party other than us has the authority to confirm acceptance of the Order.